Why Safe Rides Unlimited Is Set Up As a Charity Organization?

Safe Rides Unlimited is a charity organization that focuses on minimizing and preventing impaired driving. This would not easily be achievable if it was initially set as a regular transportation company.  As a non-profit organization we are able to partner with local limo companies that we have investigated for reputation and consistent excellent service. The cost of hiring the same limo company through us reduces the cost to the customer by over 50%.  The hugely discounted rates are then passed directly to SafeRides Users, allowing affordable luxurious rides.


Our strategic intervention on drunk driving was to introduce a realistic alternative offering safe, sober transportation system that would bring people to and from their parties safely. It has since proven to be very effective. Since 2008 we have arranged transportation services through Saferides.org program, and have been able to reduce accidents and incidents caused by drunken, distracted and tired drivers. It started off by providing Safe Rides to campus students across New Jersey. As of now, we provide the safe transportation services to people in New York, New Jersey, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Jacksonville, FL, and we are hoping to become nationwide when our app launches later this fall.


We ensure that the strategy is seamless and attractive enough to be chosen over driving yourself with your friends. By partnering with the limo companies, we could access the big luxurious vehicles to help attract party goers and have them opt to use our services.


By using SafeRides.org people unknowingly prevent instances where they find themselves driving after drinking sessions. We also needed access to the big vehicles that carry a higher capacity to ensure that the friends, families and colleagues that go to parties and events have a sober ride to and from the social or business events in Party Buses, Stretch SUVs, Stretch Sedans, vans, Charter buses and others. Being a charity made Safe Rides Unlimited’s strategic solution possible by making such rides available to people especially those who go out with groups for unbelievably low rates.


You can now understand why it was essential to have Safe Rides Unlimited running as a 501 (c) (3) charity.  If we established ourselves as a for profit company than we would never be able to achieve our goal of providing an affordable and realistic alternative.  Our goal has never been to make money but instead it has been our mission to make safe rides as affordable as possible and as accessible as possible.  We wanted to be actively involved in reducing reckless behaviors on the roads that are fueled by impaired drivers.  To be honest, making the alternative solution to DUI/ DWI fun and safe for the riders’ entire commute and cost effective too seemed the best possible kind of solution there is.

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