Why is SafeRides.org almost half the price of every other limo company?

Why is SafeRides.org almost half the price of every other limo company….. Simple, people have not discovered the best kept transportation secret yet!



At first glance, many may think SafeRides.org is just another limo company.  The truth is we are WAY more than what you think we are. We are not just a company that arranges Luxury rides for cheap. We have a specific goal of preventing drunk, distracted and tired driving. Therefore, we are setup as charity to benefit the user by giving them an affordable alternative and the local economies by using local limousine companies that pay taxes and employ drivers.  It’s a program designed to benefit everyone.  Safe Rides goal is to negotiate the cheapest rate possible for your next ride.

We describe and registered ourselves, Safe Rides Unlimited, as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with the goal to minimize and prevent drunk, distracted and tired driving. Our charity has partnered with reputable local transportation companies and negotiated highly discounted rates to provide our customers with safe, luxurious and fun rides at affordable rates.

Booking through SafeRides.org can save you up to 50% compared to hiring the same limo company directly. Even thou you are riding in the same vehicles.  We offer rides in Sedans, SUV’s, Stretch Limos, Stretch SUV limos like Escalades, Hummers, Party Buses, Shuttle Buses, Charter buses, basically any vehicle you need we can find it for you at a discounted rate.

By making these vehicles affordable enough for everyone we have started a movement that grows every week. Now limos are not only for the rich and famous.  Currently, we arrange safe rides for over 800 people every week.  Just think about how many lives that saves and how many jobs that creates every weekend.  This is why we are setup as a charity to show the world that people will use a realistic alternative if provided, but its responsibilities of organizations like ours to make these solutions possible.

So the next time you want to hire a limo or a ride of any kind, please Keep in mind when you decide that you would like to book a ride that we are a charity. When you see that cheap price, and book it understand that you are supporting this organization that is not your typical limo company. The way SafeRide’s works is simple, you submit your ride request and pay a small donation.  We than get your ride confirmed thru fully vetted companies. Once confirmed we provide you with information of the limo company that you will be riding with (under my reservation). We are basically a portal to get you discounted rides. You could even call us Uber on steroids since we offer every kind of vehicle at cheap prices.  In fact, the only reason our phone rings is because people get a quote online and don’t believe the rate.  They have been calling around and getting double the prices so how can SafeRide do the ride for half the rate.  It’s a normal reaction, once they talk to us and book they come SafeRide Users for LIFE!!!

So next time you book a ride through SafeRides.org, know that you are not only getting high quality rides at cheap prices but your also helping a charity. If you have any questions feel free to text us 973-786-1355 or contact us via email in@SafeRides.org or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram under SafeRides.org

Party Hard, Party Smart! Only Use the Real SafeRides.org!

You may have been searching online for the best deals on party bus and limo rides in luxury vehicles. You may have been approached by someone that may say they are with SafeRides, and that they are going to give you a quality ride. Especially companies that disguise themselves at SafeRides.org. But you may not have known that they are NOT the real SafeRides.org.

The “fakers” are usually your local cab company registering with SafeRides in their name. Beware of them. Always ask who they are, where they are from, and what the company is about. Make sure if you are booking online it redirects to SafeRides.org. All rides are prearranged with SafeRides so you cannot call and order a cab last minute.

These counterfeit companies almost always provide horrible ride service that is far below how we doing things here at SafeRides.org. for example we do not do last minute calls, all our rides are booked online, so if you called someone and they claim to be SafeRides they are lying :).  If you see something wrong with your ride and the service provided be skeptical if the ride was actually provided by SafeRides.org. We strive to provide a top notch and friendly service. Please call us to confirm that in fact you used our SafeRide service. The reason we are a national Charity so when you search safe rides we come up and not those local little cab companies.  Please do not leave reviews unless you are certain you used us. We know of 2 companies out of Morristown area that have been giving people last minute rides pretending to be safe rides and then the customer left us review saying that we did not provide you with the best service.  Here is the Biggest giveaway that its not US is that we do not take last minute calls like cab company.  All our rides are pre-booked.  You cannot call us at 2am and request a ride.  If someone does do that than keep in mind you are getting a ride from one of the fake companies.

Please Remember, SafeRides.org is a 501 c 3 Charity, operating to provide the most cost effective way to be safe while having fun with friends and family. SafeRides offers cheap discounted rides in luxury vehicles ranging from a simple sedan all the way to a 55-passenger charter bus and everything in between to prevent drunk, distracted and tired driving.  Our SafeRide Charities efforts have been recognized by the State of New Jersey as one of the most effective non-profit organization providing realistic alternatives to drunk and distracted driving nationwide since 2005. https://saferides.org/images/resolution.jpg

Again, please be careful fellow SafeRides users for other companies claiming they are us. Do not book rides with them and if you do, we are not liable for the type of quality that service will provide for you.

Thank you for staying loyal with SafeRides.org!