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Solutions To Getting Home When You Are Drunk

This is how drunk driving could end up becoming a nightmare.

Ok so you are at the bar, just in the mood to have a couple of good celebratory beers. You look around and everyone is drinking too. You’re getting a little tipsy and you’re thinking “That’s right man, I am not going to stop drinking!” After chugging down another few beers, you end up all quiet and silent thinking exactly how on earth you are going to drive home. Everything seems to be moving fast and you can barely walk. Your friends tell you to stay, but you are adamant on driving home yourself.

Now is the part where you drive. You back up and BAM! There goes the tail light of the car parked behind you. You panic and start speeding down the block. You keep thinking just to stay awake and all of a sudden out of nowhere you see a car heading for you, you forget to turn the headlights on and BAM you slam into it. You panic even more, and start speeding, there are cops on your tail and there comes a point where you get caught. Congratulations, you are officially a drunk driver!

How To Avoid This?

We understand and know the psychological effects behind drunk driving. Alcohol is notorious to impair your senses and your motor skills. When people do tell you to take a cab when you are intoxicated, you tend to be aggressive and because your senses are impaired you feel like you can do absolutely anything.

We, at Saferides, have been in the transportation business for a substantial amount of time that is one reason we are able to get Limousine companies to gives us vehicles at extremely low rates. Another reason is that the volume in which we carry out our business is substantial, so automatically we are able to get Limos at really low rates and we pass those low rates on to our customers so ultimately they can save and benefit from our services, especially for parties and pick and drops.

Solutions To Getting Home When You Are Drunk

As we are a 501 (c) (3) charity, we work tirelessly to make our service attractive and fun for our customers by making it a better option rather than driving home yourself when you are drunk. Our framework allows us to make luxury cars available at cheap rates so that you don’t have to ride a bus or train home in your condition.

We realized that the rising toll in drunken driving incidents needed to be taken care of and it would have been possible earlier if someone created a more realistic approach. It is not just about preventing bad things from happening; it is about preventing the worst. In the United States, there are countless people dying or even getting handicapped for life due to drunk driving, the sad part is a lot of them are children seated next to drunken parents.

If you wish to make an appointment or would like us to pick you up from a party, all you need to do is call us or simply visit our website www.Saferides.org for more information!