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How To Keep Your Friends From Drunken Driving!

Stopping a friend from driving is pretty easy, but stopping a friend from drunken driving can be a pretty difficult task. After all it is the How To Keep Your Friends From Drunken Driving!alcohol in the intoxicated buddy you are talking to, not your friend. Drunken people are known to be aggressive and confrontational, as the alcohol fools their mind in to believing that they can accomplish the task at hand, when they cannot. Poor motor skills, impaired senses and the chances of accidents are just a few reasons you should stand against your friends driving while intoxicated.

Become The Controller

If your buddy has driven to a party while drunk, your primary goal for the evening should be to not let him drive. Hiding his keys is the best option, for which you’ll have to pull off some pro acting moves. But it is ok; you are doing something that could prevent a lot of things from happening so try your best. Say things like:

  • I forgot my phone in your car give me the keys

  • I am going to hit the liquor store real quick

  • If you do get the keys consider shifting the car and when your friend realizes, ask him to stay

Be Prepared To Use A Little Force

How To Keep Your Friends From Drunken Driving!Your drunken friend may start to accuse you of ‘spoiling the fun’ or you trying to control them. You have to be prepared for this and don’t take anything personal, simply keep calm and tell him you care, that is the only reason you are doing this.

  • Remember to maintain a cool and soft tone. Alcohol is known to push the anger receptors high so avoid saying anything embarrassing or something you know would make him angry.

  • No matter how your friend resists, you shouldn’t give in. Keep telling him you are doing this cause you care.

Be The Designated Driver!

How To Keep Your Friends From Drunken Driving!If you are going to a party sober and intend to stay that way, insist on being the designated driver. Do this in order to avoid any problems or and to avoid facing resistance later.

  • If the party is at your place, turn it in to a slumber party

  • If you are the driver, drive your friend and his car home with someone sober following you in your car

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