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Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?

Who Are We?

At Safe Rides, we are a 501 (c) (3) charity organization, dedicated to providing people practical solutions to transportation. Our primary aim is to reduce drunk and distracted driving incidents.

How Do We Do This?

In the few years since our inception, we practically revolutionized the transportation industry. We came with a practical approach for people going to parties and get-togethers where they knew they were going to get drunk. We provide safe and luxury rides at unimaginably low costs to such people.

Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?Imagine going to a party, getting drunk, and hence being in no condition to drive. If you find yourself in such a situation, you will need a ride home, and that is where we can help. You can simply give us a call and we’ll pick you up and safely drop you home in one of our luxury limos, or a ride of your choice.

Why Do We Cost Low Compared To Other Transportation Services?

We carry out business in a fairly large quantity. Considering the fact we save almost 500 to 600 people every week from driving drunk, you can imagine the number of appointments we make each week. Plus our connections with the limo companies have grown and strengthened over the years and they provide us luxury cars at highly affordable rates. We pass those low rates onto our customers.

Compared to other, well-known services you can save up to 50% with us and that too without compromising on fun and quality. We believe that everyone should party hard, but they should also party smart!

Why Shouldn’t You Consider Sharing A Cab?

Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?With the rise in crime and other incidents, we sincerely advise you not to share cabs especially when you are drunk and your senses are impaired. You are more prone to incidents like:

  • Getting robbed
  • Getting mugged
  • Chances of getting kidnapped
  • Practically anything can happen

Sharing a cab is a risk in itself, you don’t know the driver, and you don’t know the people sitting next to you. Even if you do opt to share a cab, be sure you are not drunk enough to lose control or pass out. Also keep eyes on the passengers sitting next to you to note any suspicious activity or behavior. However, if you are drunk, chances are your senses will be impaired and your will not be able to detect anything until it is too late.

There has been a rising trend in crimes like rape and physical assault. This is largely because of the increasing number of random people contacting each other through social media websites to share a cab or ride to a party. Bluntly trusting people you have just met on social media platforms is something really dangerous and must be avoided at all costs.

Instead Choose Us!

It must be really annoying how other services require you to install Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?applications and everything on your phone just to get a ride! Our core aim has been to provide people with a practical solution and we do this by giving them the convenience to easily make a booking through our website or a simple call can land you in one of our extravagant limos.

In case you need to make an appointment or want us to pick you up, visit our website www.saferides.org or call us at 888-656-7233!