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Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?

Safe Rides Unlimited Helps Blend Fun Night Outs and Road Safety

Do you want to enjoy an evening of fun and relaxation without having to worry about dealing with traffic, switching subway lines and parking? SafeRides.org provides you with elegant transportation services and unbeatable customer care that will also help you elude the perils of taxi services.

If you want to let loose with some alcoholic drinks or go bar-hopping and check out new clubs, choose not to drive impaired or ride along an impaired driver and get a designated driver from Safe Rides Unlimited to avoid facing driving while intoxicated charges. As you well know that alcohol increases the risk of drivers causing accidents that kill or injure themselves and others, as it impairs your brain way before you reach the legal limit that result in poor reasoning and judgment that can lead to a dangerous turn of events.

National statistics show that alcohol impairment to be a primary factor in traffic fatalities and you can help change this by making use of SafeRides.org services as well as recommending other to make reservations of a designated driving before heading to a party or social events being served alcoholic beverages. We are a charity organization so you can expect to get rides in modish vehicles at the lowest rates compared to other transportation companies.

Drunken driving consequences affect individuals and the community in several ways as lives are lost, resources and time wasted and a lot more. It is utterly possible to prevent the gruesome consequences that come with drunk driving by reserving a ride with us and your will get an insured and reliable driver who will make your safety a priority. However short the distance to your place is, do not be tempted to get behind the wheel.

Driving while drunk or distracted disables you to operate at your full capacity. SafeRides.Org gives you the chance to concentrate on the fun and takes charge of the driving that gets you to your event and back to your destination. Call on Safe Rides and be guaranteed to return home in a comfortable and safe manner.

Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?

Providing you with more than just transportation

Are you and your friends planning to go to a birthday, wedding, bachelor/ bachelorette party or any other event serving alcoholic beverages, and no one among them accepts to be the designated driver? Make a reservation with Safe Rides to get a fancy ride to take you to your party and drop you back to your destination providing you with exemplary services worth every dime.

Safe rides is a non-profit charity organization that offers the best transportation services in your town, but more so, provides you and your friends a safe trip with a sober and reliable driver. We are there to prevent you from making the mistake of driving while intoxicated. You need Safe Rides when you want to enjoy your night; visits to alcohol downtown without police invention.

Don’t let that party you want to go to be your last. Be the smart one and ensure your safety by avoiding an alcohol impaired person from driving you. You will not only be helping  save a life, but also saving your family, friends, coworkers, classmates among others the worry or any kind of impact that can be caused by a crash, deaths or injuries that could occur from impaired driving.

Is it not a better option to have your fun and also get home safe? Safe Rides offers top of the line transportation services that include safe, convenient and affordable round-trips on a luxury safe ride, whether it is a party of one or of up to 55 passengers.

We have a variety of rides to accommodate a small or large group. These are comfy rides that will take you to and from events ensuring a total splendid experience. With our friendly staff, we guarantee you will enjoy your ride.

So, contact us and book an extravagant ride for you and your family or friends to that can’t miss event!

Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?

Prevent a Night Out from Turning into a Nightmare

The funny think about booze is that it makes you overconfident and once the alcohol is in your bloodstream, you lack full control hence its unwise to assume you are good to drive. If you plan to engage in merriment that involves drinking alcohol, book a ride at saferides.org prior to the party or night out for you and your friends.

Safe Rides Unlimited is dedicated to ensuring your safety on the roads with big posh and affordable rides before and after a night of fun. You can also play a significant part in helping cut alcohol related casualties and accidents by rescuing your friends from making poor personal choices such as driving while drunk. We will take the responsibility of being your designated driver and prevent impaired driving incidents that can cost the lives of the driver, the passengers in that car and other road users.

It is hard to know a person’s drink driving limit as it varies from person to person and also it is impossible to judge by the number of drinks taken. Drinking kills driving skills, therefore you can’t guarantee that you will hold your drink and manage to drive. Why risk getting a hefty fine, a criminal record, prison sentence and driving ban. These drunken driving consequences tend to put a strain on your lifestyle, your finances and relationships.

Do not be tempted to drive after having one for the road plan how to your destination without driving. SafeRides.org offers you the alternative way to get home so as to help reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on roads. Help support the drunk driving prevention works by trying to make it your personal responsibility to prevent your intoxicated friends from making a questionable personal choice that will do harm to themselves and others.

When driving under the influence of alcohol you cannot guarantee that nothing untoward will happen, and bad consequences for bad actions are inevitable. Therefore, do not fail to act otherwise you might live to regret.

Promoting Safe Rides Systems to Reduce Road Accident Fatality Rates Caused by Drinking and Driving

Safe Rides Unlimited is a NPO that has made its business philosophy to solely focus on going above and beyond to offer their customers unmatched transportation services to prevent reckless behavior on the roads and impaired driving liabilities.

World Health Organization has identified drinking and driving as one of the major risk factors contributing to road traffic mortality, and these factors have become their focus in the aim of improving road safety. Safe Rides Unlimited sole purpose is to prevent and significantly reduce drunk and distracted driving and it is making far reaching significant changes by providing transportation to prevent potential drunk drivers from getting on the road.

Started by Mohib Sattar Amanat in 2004, Safe Rides has since been recognized and awarded the Joint Legislative Resolution by New Jersey Senate and General Assembly for a commendable record of service and commitment. The charity used to save more than 800 lives in a week in New Jersey through their transportation services that aim at minimizing drunk driving. The numbers of saved lives have multiplied as their services have expanded to other cities including New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Safe Rides also broke a record for physically preventing over 4000 people from driving while drunk in one night.

Safe Rides has contributed a lot to New Jersey and other cities by offering party lovers unmatched and realistic options that keeps them safe while not interfering with their fun. They participate as affiliate of the hospitality and transportation industry. Safe Rides have been incentivizing people including college students to use their luxury transportation services. They provide you with first-class services and affordable rides in big luxurious cars, and have recently reduced the per person rates again with a 5% off promotion.

Visit SafeRides.org/ and book a ride to your event and help avoid drunken driving incidents.

Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?

Safe Rides Unlimited; Increasing Their Ridership with Their Safety Driven Premium Services

SafeRides.org is a recognized Charity Organization that provides safe and reliable transportation services in several big cities including New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and Fort Lauderdale in the aim of preventing or minimizing alcohol-impaired and distracted driving. They provide their services to ridership going to parties and events, and their comfortable rides, timely and reasonably priced services, courteous drivers, and easy booking process gets their ridership coming back.

The Non-Profit business has partnered with reliable transportation companies thus giving their customers a chance to pick their ride from the best selection of big, luxurious vehicles available that include Limos, Stretch SUVs, Party Buses, Vans and Charter buses that accommodate larger groups of individuals. These Safe Rides Unlimited’s modern and top quality rides have additional accessories and facilities to provide lavish comfort. They provide exceptional services to help prevent as many people as possible from driving under the influence (DUI).

Customers of SafeRides.org get to spend less on their transport as there are no tolls, taxes or any surcharge paid which makes their limo services invincible and available at half price of regular limo companies. Their ridership also get to enjoy a luxurious trip that includes great customer service, VIP treatment when they reach their venues, free admissions without waiting on line into Safe Rides’ program member clubs and bars. Customers avoid distracted driving by using SafeRides.org for they can relax and enjoy every moment of the ride with, and use the commute time to bond.

All their vehicles are run by professional, experienced and well-trained chauffeurs that guarantee a sober ride and can rely on for prompt pickups. Their superb vehicles offer the finest alternative to drink driving and methods for a smart and secure trip making their services highly recommended for friends and families planning to engage social drinking.

Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?

A Safe, Luxury Travel with Safe Rides Unlimited Ideal for Events and Parties, Themed or Not

SafeRides.Org has a variety of cars to suit each event whether corporate, semi-formal or social. It is a 501(c) (3) charity whose priority is to offer safe, sober rides; nevertheless they help get you to an event in VIP style. They recommend the right sized car to ensure customer comfort while attending black ties affairs, casino trips, family reunions, weddings and rehearsals, bachelor/ bachelorette parties, corporate events, holiday celebrations among other functions.

They offer professional and high-quality transportation services in safe, clean, modern vehicles operated by professional and courteous drivers. Their diversified fleet features the best amenities designed to offer lavish comfort. The most popular ride at Safe Rides Unlimited is the Limo, and their limo services are unbelievably low priced. Their Limo services are popularly used by groups going to restaurants, clubs, sporting events, concerts, parties, prom or any other special events.

Safe Rides Unlimited’s Party buses, Stretch SUVs, Vans and Shuttle Buses are the best party rides that meet the party needs. They are also a number of rides perfect for attending formal functions, and depending on the number of passengers involved the group can choose to ride in Sedans, SUVs, Stretch Limousines or Motor Couches. They offer different trip packages including round trips, one-ways and hourly occasions in the aim of deterring incidents fueled by alcohol. The premium services provided are a strategy to lower risky behaviors caused by carelessness of drunk driving as a result of enjoying a night on the town or a function that involve adult beverages.

Besides providing reasonably prices services, SafeRides.org offer promotions that are advertised in their social media platforms. Booking a ride with Safe Rides Unlimited not only helps to arrive to specific destinations relaxed, but also helps avoid frustrations such as traffic and parking hassles. Their services are in New Jersey, New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale and Philadelphia.

The charity organization provides safe, luxury travel to those unable to drive themselves home safely for being intoxicated, fatigued or distracted which in turn helps to reduce distracted and impaired driving offenses that would-be. Receive the most competitive rates by reserving a vehicle today through www.saferides.org as it is an incredibly easy booking process.

Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?

Party Responsibly for Safety and Sanity’s Sake

SafeRides.Org is a non-profit business that offers you the chance to enjoy without a worry of how to get home after a social event. With big cars available at your disposal at hugely discounted rates, you can book a round-trip for you and your friends on outings. Alcohol is a regular part of the social lives of both adults and teenagers even though we tend to deny it. Teens are now engaging in alcohol drinking due to its easy accessibility. You can be assured to get a teen drunk driving during weekend, prom or graduation nights when alcohol is more prevalent.

If you have an ounce of doubt of how events will roll out on your outing, prepare for transportation while you are sober. Drunk driving accidents tend to peak in these teen occasions. Teens tend to worry about losing face so they tend to drink then drive. After drinking they get a false sense of confidence that affects their vigilance to encounter any eventuality. Therefore, do not get conned into driving after having a drink as it could be one of the most precarious situations that may increase the chances of a mishap.

Safe Rides Unlimited is interested in getting impaired drivers off the roads as it would help prevent a misfortune before one happens such as alcohol-impaired driving fatalities and casualties. It’s everyone’s individual responsibility to fight against impaired driving as the drunk driver could be the one who hits your loved one or causing harm or hurt to someone you know. Our rides are not reserved for particular people, they are for anyone who needs a safe ride to prevent drunk and distracted driving. Remember that it only takes one drink for a driver to put him or herself, and other road users, at risk.

Why don’t you make a responsible decision by booking a ride at SafeRides.org, and avoid committing an alcohol-related crime; you will dodge police intervention at sobriety checkpoints, drunk driving arrest and penalties, DUI convictions among other impaired driving consequences. Only accept rides from a person who is completely abstinent, because getting in a car with an intoxicated peer could get you misdemeanor charges.

We as a charity are trying to deter driving while under the influence, so book us for premium transportation to a social function, and guarantee your safety on the road.

Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?

Make Your Safety a Priority

Are you attending a party, gathering, corporate event or a social function and there is a possibility you will be enjoying pints of beer and alcoholic drinks? Alcohol seems to be the norm of social events, therefore make your safety a priority and we will help guarantee it if you use saferides.org to book a ride that will take you to the event and later back home. We provide you with exclusive services in posh vehicles at the fairest rates available and help you avoid the hassle of driving yourself, using taxi services or mass transportation.

It’s hard to change human behavior and we do not judge the way you choose to celebrate your weekend nor do we demand you to change your lifestyle, we only ask you to dial a call to us to avoid impaired or distracted driving. Booking a ride with us will ensure you have fun without the worry of being arrested. Drunk driving arrests come with dire consequences on your legal records as well as your lifestyle. Note that driving when drunk is no entertainment and doing so will only put you and other road users in danger of grisly crashes, alcohol-related casualties and fatalities.

Underage drinking no longer comes as a surprise and as we try to curb that issue as a community, we as a charity are trying to prevent the misguided decisions caused by alcohol impairment and in particular drunken driving. Alcohol consumption and peer pressure tend to have a hand in contributing to teen drunk driving. Request for a ride from a trusted transportation company such as Safe Rides Unlimited when attending parties, and avoid committing alcohol-related crimes such as wanting to find the thrill in driving while intoxicated as it is awfully dangerous and potentially lethal.

While celebrating your weekend ensure that you behave in a sensible and intelligent manner. Whether you and your bunch are going out to a club or going to a venue for a party ensure that you arrange for your transport ahead to guarantee you get home safely. Alcohol tends to make most people act stupidly, do not let your weekend revelry turn in to bad memoirs.

Reserve your luxury ride at www.saferides.org and we will meet your transportation needs within New York, New Jersey, Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Fort Lauderdale and Chicago.

Avoid Drunken Driving and Get to Party Another Day

It is saddening that we lose over 10,000 lives in a year due to drunken driving while so many more are left injured. I urge you to consider hiring a registered, well reputed transportation company when you think of attending events with alcohol. Drinking and driving is an ongoing problem, but you can choose not to drink and drive by booking a ride at saferides.org/ for you and your friends that gives you an iron clad guarantee to get home safe.

It is not bad to enjoy the nightlife, but if you cannot trust yourself or your friends, including the one who is supposed to be your designated driver ensure that neither you nor your intoxicated friends gets behind the wheel. It might be difficult to convince your inebriated buddy not to drive, but stopping them from driving drunk could be the most imperative decision you ever made. Doing this could probably prevent drinking and driving accidents, DUIs and other drunk driving incidents.

Safe Rides charity offers a one way ride option so give us a call if you have been out and had one too many to avoid being reckless on the road.

Driving needs someone who is alert and with a road sense. If you want to enjoy every single moment with your friends make a reservation with Safe Rides so you cannot miss out on the texting, chatting and taking pictures. This will prevent distracted driving such as texting while driving that also leads to accidents but can be easily avoided.

Contact us and request for a ride to avoid impaired driving and you will not only get a fully sober designated driver, but also get a treat to a cruise in our comfortable and lavish vehicles. Enjoy unlimited fun with our transportation services in classic vehicles, such as limousine. We are second to none when it comes to providing limo services as we offer incredibly low rates compared to other limo companies.

Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?

Your Safety is Paramount; Enjoy Safe Luxurious Rides!

Unlike other alcohol-related nonprofits, Safe Rides’ aim is to promote safety on the roads by preventing you from acting on suppressed decisions such as drinking and driving. They help you reach home safely if you are intoxicated. This charity organization helps save lives with their transportation solutions that play a role in reducing tragic accidents caused by drunk driving. Safe Rides is not only the best option of avoiding dangerous driving but they also help prevent DUIs.

Safe Rides has partnered with highly regarded luxury transportation companies to provide flexible ride options to wherever you and your party of friends want to go whether it’s one-way trip, round trip or hourly. This is a recommendable, fast and friendly and easy to book service for your outings. Safe Rides is what you need for an unforgettable and safe trip.

Get a cost effective ride and VIP service to any event you and your friends are going to including prom, concerts, night clubs, weddings, etc,. Having a big probability of finding these parties offering alcoholic drinks, and Safe Rides is offering you an alternative option to drinking and driving. They will provide you with an insured, reliable and trustworthy designated driver for you and your friends in a luxurious vehicle when you lack one, giving you the chance to enjoy your time worry-free.

Safe Rides started with one van, now it is offering a range of vehicles including Party buses, shuttles, Stretch SUVs, Sedan, Hummer limos, Escalade limos, Vans, charter buses and Mini buses. This gives you the opportunity to choose the type or vehicle you want depending on the size of party you have. Safe Rides are offering their luxury transportation services in New York, New Jersey, Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Fort Lauderdale and Chicago.