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Building Trust with Skeptics of Safe Rides Unlimited

Are you in need of safe, on-time limo services? SafeRides.org offers special rates on luxurious transportation services that help you save up to 50% on some rides. The amazing rates not only apply to Limo but all vehicles including Party Buses, SUVs, Sedans, and Stretch SUVs among other posh rides.  That sounds too amazing to be true, but it is what we are guaranteeing to offer you. Safe Rides Unlimited is a Charity Organisation that helps increase safety on our roads by preventing impaired driving.

Our super luxurious rides make some people skeptical to make a reservation due to incredibly low rates offered. Skepticism can be caused by sheer paranoia and that is why we are transparent about the services we offer and our mission as a non-profit organisation. Our target is helping the community curb drunken driving that largely contributes to traffic-related accidents. We chose to use a fun and realistic strategy to fight drink driving and distracted driving by awarding our ridership with lavish comfort and additional perks when they use SafeRides.org services.

Go to http://saferides.org/help.aspx for more information about the organisation including the booking process and cancellation policy. Our staff includes a team of professional individuals that will faithfully serve you and are ready to provide more clarification where clarity is due.

Information is liberating and having sufficient information will certainly help ease your uncertainties.

SafeRides.org serves New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and Jacksonville. The users’ honest and relatable positive reviews help appease the skeptical customers. So, if you are still doubtful of our services, you can look at our reviews on our site and social channels including the reviews from repeat customers to help wash away your worries.

We all need the confidence to buy services online without fear of scammers. SafeRides.org is a secured website and we use a secure checkout system on our site offered by a leading Internet Security Provider. So be assured your personal and credit card information submitted when making payments is safe and secure. Feel free to book your next trip with us on www.saferides.org

The Best of Prices, Services and Quality for Your Transportation Needs

It is no surprise that when you try to offer first-rate services at unbelievably affordable rates, people tend to shy away. Being a nonprofit organization, SafeRides.org guarantees unrivaled services, prices and quality in transportation services. Our main challenge is getting people to believe that it’s not a scum and we offer services minding all the three factors to help minimize the rate of impaired drivers that get on the road. Having access to modern cars from our partner companies, we provide transportation in luxurious rides at the lowest rates in town.

Our duty is to assure the skeptical customers of genuine, exclusive transportation services at low rates. Safe Rides Unlimited is a credible charity business offering services to prevent dangerous driving caused by alcohol-impairment. We provide our services to partygoers so as to prevent them from distracted driving and drunken driving. This is also a perfect way to dodge the stress that comes with traffic and packing.

Our focus is to promote safety on the road hence the reason why we make the services affordable to everyone to prevent unwanted consequences of drunken driving. When you make reservations with us, you can be assured of VIP treatment, prompt pickups, excellent customer care, easy booking and you get to be served by friendly and courteous drivers.

Our prices are second to none as you get to pay no tolls, taxes or surcharge. You get to enjoy up to 50% off the price of regular limo companies.  We also throw in discount promotions regularly over our standard rates. SafeRides.org gives you an ironclad guarantee of quality services. Our drivers are insured, professional and experienced and are bound by code of ethics to assure you of sober transportation services. In addition to that, you get to choose to ride in top rated vehicles including Party buses, shuttles, Stretch SUVs, Sedan, Hummer limos, Escalade limos, Vans, charter buses and Mini buses.

Do you have questions you need clarified on our charity or are you ready to make a reservations to avoid drink driving? Visit us at saferides.org or call us on 888-656-7233 for quotes and booking. You will certainly get invincible limo service rates for your trip package and also enjoy the additional perks that come with the services.

Adding Safety to Your Bliss

Are you into happy endings? Ensure that all your celebrations end on that note by ensuring you, your family and friends get to their home safely. Fun and safety are the two main ingredients for memorable celebrations. Try making active decisions on safety during this summer period when parties are endless and alcohol drinking is on the rise. If you are the fun loving kind, SafeRides.org provides transportation services that contribute to the fun to help prevent you from driving drunk.

We are here to ensure that you do not worry about how to get to the event and back home safely, think of the parking hassles, deal with traffic or moderate you’re drinking. This frees your hands and attention required to operate your vehicle and use it to connect with your friends and family riding along. This also allows you to let loose in some adult beverages and avoid drink-driving. SafeRides.org is devoted in offering exemplary transportation services to deter distracted and intoxicated driving. Better book us early enough to ensure that your ride is reserved for your social gathering on the weekends and holidays.

The term ‘cheap is expensive’ does not apply to our services, we at SafeRides.org are assuring you that cheaper is better. We are a nonprofit organization hence get the luxurious rides from our partners in limo companies at a tax free rate and we pass the rates direct to you. The quality of services is not abridged by the fact that the rates are the lowest in the city, so you can rest assured to receive VIP treatment and exceptional customer service. Make a point of checking our social channels regularly to find out the latest promotions on top of our unbeatable rates.

Visit us from your phone, tablet or computer for free quotes and instant bookings. A good ride goes a long way in making the fun just more intense. We have the collection of top-of-the-line cars in town that will help make the impression you are shooting for.

Safe Rides Unlimited Logo

Safe Rides Unlimited Logo

Driving Buzzed Has No Upside When Equated to Drunk Driving

Reserve a comfortable ride with SafeRides.org. It’s a fact that all vehicles are susceptible to accidents and the only thing that one can do is to entrust their safety to a sober driver who is able to make roadworthy decisions unlike an impaired driver. SafeRides.org is not all about providing luxurious rides but maximizing safety by providing sober rides from professional and experienced drivers. We as a Charity Organization is trying to minimize and prevent the risks related to drunk driving and buzzed driving.

Call on SafeRides.org before your party or event. ‘It is better to be safe than sorry’ this is an underrated statement when it comes to drinking and driving issues that cause devastating consequences. Do not lie to yourself that buzzed driving is okay. A sober mind can get ahead of the situation once faced with a road challenge unlike a buzzed person who lacks preparedness to encounter any eventuality. There is no reduced risk in buzzed driving as impairment begins before reaching a legal limit which affects the driving skills and increases the chances of a mishap.

Do not rely on your driving skills even when you take your alcoholic drink in moderation. The likelihood of buzzed drivers causing crashes is just as high as that caused by drunk driving. Driving while intoxicated comes with dire consequences and alcohol-related driving accidents can only be reduced by getting the drunk drivers off the road. Therefore mind your life and those of others by finding an alternative to drunk driving with SafeRides.org.  

Enjoy Safe Rides Unlimited trips in the Limos and other classy vehicles that are deemed to be available to the prosperous individuals or those with a higher placement of the community. We offer rides in these cool rides at incredibly low rates to ensure you get the best experience of commute time when attending an event or party. Avoid drunken driving by using SafeRides.org to attend those birthday parties, pre-drinking fest, pregame, and other social events.