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Lisa Jason just began her senior year of high school in the fall of 2011. She was a scholarship holder, an excellent chess player and one of those girls everybody wanted to be around.

But on June 2nd, few days before her birthday, fate had something else planned for her. Some of her friends had planned out a party for the night; with her car broken down she was confused as to how to get to her friend’s place. She had heard of many of the transportation services going around and that how easily she could share a ride with some people.

After downloading an app, she made an appointment for a driver to pick her up, with two other people going in the same direction. At 7pm she saw a jet black car rolling into her drive way. It was the driver appointed to her for the night.

Once she got in the car, she could feel the stench of alcohol coming from the driver’s seat.  The driver picked up two other people from around the block and Lisa got along with them well. All of them were now silently discussing that the driver is drunk and what should they do about it.

They were in the midst of their discussion when they suddenly saw the driver pass out, and he stepped on the gas. They tried to wake him up, but it was too late, the car went up to 80 miles an hour where the limit was 30. It ran down a water hydrant and slammed front first in to a pedestrian. The pedestrian, Aaron, 31, died on the spot and Lisa along with the other two passengers quickly jumped out of the car and called 911.

Why Did This Happen?

There are a lot of new transportation services going around. These services work around a simple smart phone application which connects people in need of transportation to unknown drivers. These drivers work as musicians, chefs or other professions by day and to earn a little something extra, they work as uncertified drivers in the night. This heightens the probability that the drivers would be drunk, unskilled and they are more than often, found under influence of drugs.

How To Avoid Getting In To Such A Situation?

At Safe Rides, we don’t rely on a computer algorithm for the safety of our passengers. We believe in giving our passengers a practical approach towards transportation services for parties and other events. As we are a 501 (c) (3) charity organization, we have skilled and trained drivers.

Sharing a ride with unknown people and using the services of unknown drivers have countless risks to them. Especially if you are drunk or the driver is.

If you are going to a party where there is alcohol and you know that driving home isn’t really a good choice, you can book for our safe, fun and affordable services. We have connections with limo companies that have a large number of vehicles, and given the huge volume we carry out our business in, we are able to get limos at highly affordable rates.

If you want to make a booking, call us or simply visit our website

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  1. This is, beyond any doubt, an eye-opener for the ‘lot’ of people who would previously opt for services other than ‘safe rides’ or any that are parallel to it (in the context of safety and quality of course). Kudos to the writer for sketching out real life scenes in such a manner that it compels u to re-think your options of such transportation services as are cited in the blog! Will definitely pass this info on to any acquaintance who has been or ever plans to be a user of such malefic services!

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