Avoid Drunken Driving and Get to Party Another Day

It is saddening that we lose over 10,000 lives in a year due to drunken driving while so many more are left injured. I urge you to consider hiring a registered, well reputed transportation company when you think of attending events with alcohol. Drinking and driving is an ongoing problem, but you can choose not to drink and drive by booking a ride at saferides.org/ for you and your friends that gives you an iron clad guarantee to get home safe.

It is not bad to enjoy the nightlife, but if you cannot trust yourself or your friends, including the one who is supposed to be your designated driver ensure that neither you nor your intoxicated friends gets behind the wheel. It might be difficult to convince your inebriated buddy not to drive, but stopping them from driving drunk could be the most imperative decision you ever made. Doing this could probably prevent drinking and driving accidents, DUIs and other drunk driving incidents.

Safe Rides charity offers a one way ride option so give us a call if you have been out and had one too many to avoid being reckless on the road.

Driving needs someone who is alert and with a road sense. If you want to enjoy every single moment with your friends make a reservation with Safe Rides so you cannot miss out on the texting, chatting and taking pictures. This will prevent distracted driving such as texting while driving that also leads to accidents but can be easily avoided.

Contact us and request for a ride to avoid impaired driving and you will not only get a fully sober designated driver, but also get a treat to a cruise in our comfortable and lavish vehicles. Enjoy unlimited fun with our transportation services in classic vehicles, such as limousine. We are second to none when it comes to providing limo services as we offer incredibly low rates compared to other limo companies.