Driving Buzzed Has No Upside When Equated to Drunk Driving

Reserve a comfortable ride with SafeRides.org. It’s a fact that all vehicles are susceptible to accidents and the only thing that one can do is to entrust their safety to a sober driver who is able to make roadworthy decisions unlike an impaired driver. SafeRides.org is not all about providing luxurious rides but maximizing safety by providing sober rides from professional and experienced drivers. We as a Charity Organization is trying to minimize and prevent the risks related to drunk driving and buzzed driving.

Call on SafeRides.org before your party or event. ‘It is better to be safe than sorry’ this is an underrated statement when it comes to drinking and driving issues that cause devastating consequences. Do not lie to yourself that buzzed driving is okay. A sober mind can get ahead of the situation once faced with a road challenge unlike a buzzed person who lacks preparedness to encounter any eventuality. There is no reduced risk in buzzed driving as impairment begins before reaching a legal limit which affects the driving skills and increases the chances of a mishap.

Do not rely on your driving skills even when you take your alcoholic drink in moderation. The likelihood of buzzed drivers causing crashes is just as high as that caused by drunk driving. Driving while intoxicated comes with dire consequences and alcohol-related driving accidents can only be reduced by getting the drunk drivers off the road. Therefore mind your life and those of others by finding an alternative to drunk driving with SafeRides.org.  

Enjoy Safe Rides Unlimited trips in the Limos and other classy vehicles that are deemed to be available to the prosperous individuals or those with a higher placement of the community. We offer rides in these cool rides at incredibly low rates to ensure you get the best experience of commute time when attending an event or party. Avoid drunken driving by using SafeRides.org to attend those birthday parties, pre-drinking fest, pregame, and other social events.