Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?

Party Responsibly for Safety and Sanity’s Sake

SafeRides.Org is a non-profit business that offers you the chance to enjoy without a worry of how to get home after a social event. With big cars available at your disposal at hugely discounted rates, you can book a round-trip for you and your friends on outings. Alcohol is a regular part of the social lives of both adults and teenagers even though we tend to deny it. Teens are now engaging in alcohol drinking due to its easy accessibility. You can be assured to get a teen drunk driving during weekend, prom or graduation nights when alcohol is more prevalent.

If you have an ounce of doubt of how events will roll out on your outing, prepare for transportation while you are sober. Drunk driving accidents tend to peak in these teen occasions. Teens tend to worry about losing face so they tend to drink then drive. After drinking they get a false sense of confidence that affects their vigilance to encounter any eventuality. Therefore, do not get conned into driving after having a drink as it could be one of the most precarious situations that may increase the chances of a mishap.

Safe Rides Unlimited is interested in getting impaired drivers off the roads as it would help prevent a misfortune before one happens such as alcohol-impaired driving fatalities and casualties. It’s everyone’s individual responsibility to fight against impaired driving as the drunk driver could be the one who hits your loved one or causing harm or hurt to someone you know. Our rides are not reserved for particular people, they are for anyone who needs a safe ride to prevent drunk and distracted driving. Remember that it only takes one drink for a driver to put him or herself, and other road users, at risk.

Why don’t you make a responsible decision by booking a ride at SafeRides.org, and avoid committing an alcohol-related crime; you will dodge police intervention at sobriety checkpoints, drunk driving arrest and penalties, DUI convictions among other impaired driving consequences. Only accept rides from a person who is completely abstinent, because getting in a car with an intoxicated peer could get you misdemeanor charges.

We as a charity are trying to deter driving while under the influence, so book us for premium transportation to a social function, and guarantee your safety on the road.