Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?

Prevent a Night Out from Turning into a Nightmare

The funny think about booze is that it makes you overconfident and once the alcohol is in your bloodstream, you lack full control hence its unwise to assume you are good to drive. If you plan to engage in merriment that involves drinking alcohol, book a ride at saferides.org prior to the party or night out for you and your friends.

Safe Rides Unlimited is dedicated to ensuring your safety on the roads with big posh and affordable rides before and after a night of fun. You can also play a significant part in helping cut alcohol related casualties and accidents by rescuing your friends from making poor personal choices such as driving while drunk. We will take the responsibility of being your designated driver and prevent impaired driving incidents that can cost the lives of the driver, the passengers in that car and other road users.

It is hard to know a person’s drink driving limit as it varies from person to person and also it is impossible to judge by the number of drinks taken. Drinking kills driving skills, therefore you can’t guarantee that you will hold your drink and manage to drive. Why risk getting a hefty fine, a criminal record, prison sentence and driving ban. These drunken driving consequences tend to put a strain on your lifestyle, your finances and relationships.

Do not be tempted to drive after having one for the road plan how to your destination without driving. SafeRides.org offers you the alternative way to get home so as to help reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on roads. Help support the drunk driving prevention works by trying to make it your personal responsibility to prevent your intoxicated friends from making a questionable personal choice that will do harm to themselves and others.

When driving under the influence of alcohol you cannot guarantee that nothing untoward will happen, and bad consequences for bad actions are inevitable. Therefore, do not fail to act otherwise you might live to regret.