Promoting Safe Rides Systems to Reduce Road Accident Fatality Rates Caused by Drinking and Driving

Safe Rides Unlimited is a NPO that has made its business philosophy to solely focus on going above and beyond to offer their customers unmatched transportation services to prevent reckless behavior on the roads and impaired driving liabilities.

World Health Organization has identified drinking and driving as one of the major risk factors contributing to road traffic mortality, and these factors have become their focus in the aim of improving road safety. Safe Rides Unlimited sole purpose is to prevent and significantly reduce drunk and distracted driving and it is making far reaching significant changes by providing transportation to prevent potential drunk drivers from getting on the road.

Started by Mohib Sattar Amanat in 2004, Safe Rides has since been recognized and awarded the Joint Legislative Resolution by New Jersey Senate and General Assembly for a commendable record of service and commitment. The charity used to save more than 800 lives in a week in New Jersey through their transportation services that aim at minimizing drunk driving. The numbers of saved lives have multiplied as their services have expanded to other cities including New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Safe Rides also broke a record for physically preventing over 4000 people from driving while drunk in one night.

Safe Rides has contributed a lot to New Jersey and other cities by offering party lovers unmatched and realistic options that keeps them safe while not interfering with their fun. They participate as affiliate of the hospitality and transportation industry. Safe Rides have been incentivizing people including college students to use their luxury transportation services. They provide you with first-class services and affordable rides in big luxurious cars, and have recently reduced the per person rates again with a 5% off promotion.

Visit and book a ride to your event and help avoid drunken driving incidents.