Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?

Providing you with more than just transportation

Are you and your friends planning to go to a birthday, wedding, bachelor/ bachelorette party or any other event serving alcoholic beverages, and no one among them accepts to be the designated driver? Make a reservation with Safe Rides to get a fancy ride to take you to your party and drop you back to your destination providing you with exemplary services worth every dime.

Safe rides is a non-profit charity organization that offers the best transportation services in your town, but more so, provides you and your friends a safe trip with a sober and reliable driver. We are there to prevent you from making the mistake of driving while intoxicated. You need Safe Rides when you want to enjoy your night; visits to alcohol downtown without police invention.

Don’t let that party you want to go to be your last. Be the smart one and ensure your safety by avoiding an alcohol impaired person from driving you. You will not only be helping  save a life, but also saving your family, friends, coworkers, classmates among others the worry or any kind of impact that can be caused by a crash, deaths or injuries that could occur from impaired driving.

Is it not a better option to have your fun and also get home safe? Safe Rides offers top of the line transportation services that include safe, convenient and affordable round-trips on a luxury safe ride, whether it is a party of one or of up to 55 passengers.

We have a variety of rides to accommodate a small or large group. These are comfy rides that will take you to and from events ensuring a total splendid experience. With our friendly staff, we guarantee you will enjoy your ride.

So, contact us and book an extravagant ride for you and your family or friends to that can’t miss event!