Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?

Safe Rides Unlimited Helps Blend Fun Night Outs and Road Safety

Do you want to enjoy an evening of fun and relaxation without having to worry about dealing with traffic, switching subway lines and parking? SafeRides.org provides you with elegant transportation services and unbeatable customer care that will also help you elude the perils of taxi services.

If you want to let loose with some alcoholic drinks or go bar-hopping and check out new clubs, choose not to drive impaired or ride along an impaired driver and get a designated driver from Safe Rides Unlimited to avoid facing driving while intoxicated charges. As you well know that alcohol increases the risk of drivers causing accidents that kill or injure themselves and others, as it impairs your brain way before you reach the legal limit that result in poor reasoning and judgment that can lead to a dangerous turn of events.

National statistics show that alcohol impairment to be a primary factor in traffic fatalities and you can help change this by making use of SafeRides.org services as well as recommending other to make reservations of a designated driving before heading to a party or social events being served alcoholic beverages. We are a charity organization so you can expect to get rides in modish vehicles at the lowest rates compared to other transportation companies.

Drunken driving consequences affect individuals and the community in several ways as lives are lost, resources and time wasted and a lot more. It is utterly possible to prevent the gruesome consequences that come with drunk driving by reserving a ride with us and your will get an insured and reliable driver who will make your safety a priority. However short the distance to your place is, do not be tempted to get behind the wheel.

Driving while drunk or distracted disables you to operate at your full capacity. SafeRides.Org gives you the chance to concentrate on the fun and takes charge of the driving that gets you to your event and back to your destination. Call on Safe Rides and be guaranteed to return home in a comfortable and safe manner.