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You may have been searching online for the best deals on party bus and limo rides in luxury vehicles. You may have been approached by someone that may say they are with SafeRides, and that they are going to give you a quality ride. Especially companies that disguise themselves at But you may not have known that they are NOT the real

The “fakers” are usually your local cab company registering with SafeRides in their name. Beware of them. Always ask who they are, where they are from, and what the company is about. Make sure if you are booking online it redirects to All rides are prearranged with SafeRides so you cannot call and order a cab last minute.

These counterfeit companies almost always provide horrible ride service that is far below how we doing things here at for example we do not do last minute calls, all our rides are booked online, so if you called someone and they claim to be SafeRides they are lying :).  If you see something wrong with your ride and the service provided be skeptical if the ride was actually provided by We strive to provide a top notch and friendly service. Please call us to confirm that in fact you used our SafeRide service. The reason we are a national Charity so when you search safe rides we come up and not those local little cab companies.  Please do not leave reviews unless you are certain you used us. We know of 2 companies out of Morristown area that have been giving people last minute rides pretending to be safe rides and then the customer left us review saying that we did not provide you with the best service.  Here is the Biggest giveaway that its not US is that we do not take last minute calls like cab company.  All our rides are pre-booked.  You cannot call us at 2am and request a ride.  If someone does do that than keep in mind you are getting a ride from one of the fake companies.

Please Remember, is a 501 c 3 Charity, operating to provide the most cost effective way to be safe while having fun with friends and family. SafeRides offers cheap discounted rides in luxury vehicles ranging from a simple sedan all the way to a 55-passenger charter bus and everything in between to prevent drunk, distracted and tired driving.  Our SafeRide Charities efforts have been recognized by the State of New Jersey as one of the most effective non-profit organization providing realistic alternatives to drunk and distracted driving nationwide since 2005.

Again, please be careful fellow SafeRides users for other companies claiming they are us. Do not book rides with them and if you do, we are not liable for the type of quality that service will provide for you.

Thank you for staying loyal with!

3 Types Of Rides By

Why the 3 different ride types?


It’s important to have options in the kind of style you want go out on. I also think it’s important to understand that is the only organization offering these different types of rides in a fashion that makes it cool and new. These are not your mom and dad’s car, these are beautiful stretch limousines, party buses and vehicles that we would only think of doing a handful of times in a lifetime.Let’s check out the vehicle services offered.


A one way trip to arrive in style. Take a safe ride to the airport or maybe a meeting at the hotel or really anywhere you’re not sure how long it will be but you want to arrive safe and fashionably on time, you can use this to get to the place or get home for the place. It Could be just for yourself or a bunch of you and your friends. You’re going to dress the part, why not arrive/leave like one!


A round trip is the most common and safest way to travel of course. It’s the best way to start and close a night with only the focus on you and those closest to you. Safe Rides is the only organization that offers Round Trip Rides. We pick you up from your house at time you have set, drop you and/or your friends off at the destination and than later picking you up and bringing you back. This is the most beneficial option to everyone involved and the biggest reason to why the service exists. did we mention there are no time limits, you set the times. It’s so affordable that there shouldn’t be a reason why anyone who enjoys a good time with friends should drive individually instead.


The hourly option for those that don’t know just where they want to stay. It benefits those wanting a memorable night staying close to those they want to share a special memory with. Way more affordable than a regular limousine hourly cost. 


Notice how I’ve been bringing up memorable this whole time. Guys, the main reason is of course to offer a saferide to your destination but think of the sparks that can happen while you’re in a saferide. The time you were so happy to ride with your family or the first time you kissed the woman you eventually married or the time you thought these bros around you were going to be down with you forever. Saferides offers an experience that’s incomparable no matter who you put against them. 


All in all, a choice for the many types of situations you may encounter.It’s good to know these fancy rides are so affordable thanks to such organization. A party, an event, a night on the town… Let’s be safe and do it in style! go to select the ride that best fits your needs and let us handle the rest! 

A Friends Experience

I bumped into my friend Moe from college the other day and shared a story that I would like to give my conclusion to.

Sometimes things happen that make you see life from a whole different perspective, this is called an epiphany. I remember my friend Moe had someone close gone from a drunk-driving related accident. It left him with 2 reactions; understand and move on; or understand and do something about it. He decided that the unfairness of the occurred could be prevented if given a feasible option.

He worked hard in the beginning developing a way to make it work. First, he drove a van around himself and took people back and forth from the college to the bars/clubs for about 2 years. Then, he partnered up with some transportation companies at a low cost which he paid to cover more ground. It wasn’t easy, he had to coordinate by faxing, calling, confirming, re-confirming, etc. just to execute each ride. Later on, an IT guy (Andre) took notice of his efforts and decided to help facilitate the process. To be able to ride in such fancy way, at which sometimes he upgrades you to a nicer bigger vehicle, can only enhance the service and maintain the organization alive.

Along with the creation of this great process he has also brought out the egotistic character that some carry when a fancy ride is not upgraded. It’s amazing how such a simple gesture back-fired against a person trying to do a good thing. Although my friend has always moved forward no matter the set-back, he’s only human and the negative few still get to him. He has created a great option along with a process that many of us are taking for granted.

You know, we all get one lifetime to make a difference. Many of us will go finding that it is hard just taking care of yourself so we need to keep pushing those making a bigger difference than us forward so we can live in a better place. Use Saferides, it was created by someone who believes we can all have fun, be responsible and put an end to drunk-driving statistics.
Why Safe Rides Are So Affordable

So what’s up with these limousine companies? Why do they charge so much? How can do this?
Times are changing and has created a volume generating, tax deductible and all involved beneficial way to make it work.

If you want to enjoy yourself but looking to get the best deal in transportation, there’s no need to look…the best deal is already here! There’s no shopping around seeing if you can even match this organizations rates. There’s no company that will ever match the model this non-profit has created. It is real and here to stay for our benefit.

I’m going to admit, I was a little skeptical at first like many were. I checked around and got some prices first so when I saw this big discount the first thought in my mind was , these limo rides must be crappy. Come to find out they use companies who really focus on their reputation. Nothing is second-hand with and that was impressive. Affordable top of the line vehicles in the name of safety…I can get with that.

Remember guys, nothing compares to the service this organization brings. Beats any pricing, ride in fancy wheels and without thinking…saving a life, “your own life”. Doing the right thing made easy, use this organization and you won’t regret it!

Alex V

Filing a Personal Injury Claim After Being Hit by a Drunk Driver

It’s estimated that more than 300,000 drunk drivers get behind the wheel each and every day in the United States. If you’ve been hit by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol, you are entitled to compensation. The driver is not only liable for the property damage, physical injuries, and the pain and suffering they cause, but is also subject to criminal prosecution in many cases.

Fault Determinations and Personal Injury Claims

Every state has its own insurance regulations and personal injury laws. These govern how fault or responsibility is assigned, which in turn determines who must pay damages. Damages can include medical bills, prescription drug costs, lost work time, loss of future earnings, pain and suffering, and property damage, to name just a few.

Proving fault is the cornerstone of a personal injury claim, whether filed only with an insurance company or through the civil court system as a lawsuit. With accidents that involve drunk driving, the establishment of fault is often relatively simple. A driver that operates a vehicle while intoxicated is clearly negligent and therefore liable for any damages.

Drivers Who are Over and Under the Legal Limit

While some rules of the road vary from one state to the next, blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits are the same across the nation. A driver with a BAC of 0.08 percent is drunk.

The accident report and any breathalyzer or BAC test results may be all you need to document a driver’s negligence. Additional evidence can include statements from witnesses and photos of the accident scene, vehicle damage, and your physical injuries.

Police often interview witnesses and take pictures when investigating an accident, particularly when a crime like driving while intoxicated is involved. They should additionally take a statement from you and any passengers in your vehicle. It doesn’t hurt for you or your attorney to follow-up by taking other photographs and witness statements as evidence however.

A driver with a BAC lower than 0.08 percent may still be impaired enough that they are not capable of safely operating a vehicle, even though they are not legally drunk. You will have a more difficult task ahead in proving fault, but you can still win an insurance settlement or civil lawsuit against a driver whose BAC was under the legal limit.

Documenting Damages for a Personal Injury Claim

In addition to evidence that establishes fault, you’ll also need to document damages resulting from the accident. Some of these will be easier to prove than others.

Financial losses, for example, can be proven with:

• billing statements,
• property damage estimates,
• or paystubs that show lost work time or decreased pay while on medical leave.

Less tangible losses however, like pain and suffering or loss of life enjoyment, must be established in other ways:

• Claims of physical and emotional pain can be backed up with medical evidence, including prescription drug information, physical therapy reports, surgical notes, and counseling or therapy appointment schedules.

• If you’ve missed out on major events, like weddings, graduations, funerals, or a child’s first dance performance, your word is often sufficient, but an invitation or program from the event can also serve as backup documentation.

Many claimants keep a journal related to accident recovery and how their injuries affect everyday life. This can be beneficial for you from an emotional as well as a legal standpoint.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim Against a Drunk Driver

Like with any other auto accident, the first step in a drunk driving personal injury claim is to file with the insurance of the at-fault driver. You’ll issue a demand letter in which you provide the basis for starting settlement negotiations. In this letter, you outline all of the damages from the accident and the compensation to which you believe you are due.
If you cannot arrive at a fair settlement with the insurance company, then you may need to proceed to civil court with a personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury attorney can assist you throughout the entire claims process.

For more information please email for more detailed information.  Just mention Safe Rides for free consultation.

Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Party Bus

There’s nothing like going to a party in comfort and style. Whether it’s a birthday bash, a wedding or any other special occasion, make sure that you and your friends will arrive at your destination relaxed and in the party mood.

How can you do this? Rent a party bus. Here are just some of the benefits of renting a party bus.

Allows everyone to have a great time     

Party bus rentals allow you to travel without getting stressed out about finding the right directions or arriving at the event on time since they have licensed and Fully Insured professional drivers that you can rely on to help you get to the venue without any hassle. You don’t have to deal with traffic distractions or parking as well. With a party bus, you can simply enjoy watching the scenic views of the city knowing that you will arrive at your destination and come home safe and secure after the celebration.

Provides ample space

Whether it’s a company party tour or a personal gathering, renting a party bus will provide you with an intimate, plush experience. Why? With a party bus, you will have plenty of room to dance a little bit, enjoy drinks or socialize with friends on the way to your destination.

Offers luxurious amenities

One of the many advantages of party bus rentals is that they provide a wide variety of onboard amenities, from state-of-the-art sound systems and luxurious seats, to top quality flat-screen TVs. Most party bus rentals also contain wet bars so you can keep your friends entertained en route to the event.

Offers a convenient and cost-effective way to travel

Gather all your friends together in one vehicle and have great fun on the way to the event! When you rent a party bus, you don’t have to keep track of all the different groups driving in different cars. With a party bus, don’t have to wait for everyone to arrive at the designated locations on time, making it hassle-free.

Keeps everyone safe and secure

Drunk driving may have negative consequences, getting you into legal trouble or, worse, resulting to accidents. So if you are planning to have a few drinks at the event venue, make sure to rent a party bus that will take you and your friends home safely.

Bottom Line

Going to an event will become easier, more comfortable, entertaining and enjoyable when you hire a party bus. Most importantly, it will keep everyone safe and secure while on the way to your destination.

So book your safe and sober ride today. At Safe Rides, you will get a road trip experience that leaps and bounds ahead of any service offered by other transportation service companies. We can help you get a party bus or stretch limo for almost 50% less than the market. We also have incentives at different venues, making it affordable for everyone to party together.

For inquiries on our party bus rental prices or any other transportation needs in New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Miami and Jacksonville, call us at 888-656-7233 or send us a message through our contact form.

Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?

Why Safe Rides Unlimited Is Set Up As a Charity Organization?

Safe Rides Unlimited is a charity organization that focuses on minimizing and preventing impaired driving. This would not easily be achievable if it was initially set as a regular transportation company.  As a non-profit organization we are able to partner with local limo companies that we have investigated for reputation and consistent excellent service. The cost of hiring the same limo company through us reduces the cost to the customer by over 50%.  The hugely discounted rates are then passed directly to SafeRides Users, allowing affordable luxurious rides.


Our strategic intervention on drunk driving was to introduce a realistic alternative offering safe, sober transportation system that would bring people to and from their parties safely. It has since proven to be very effective. Since 2008 we have arranged transportation services through program, and have been able to reduce accidents and incidents caused by drunken, distracted and tired drivers. It started off by providing Safe Rides to campus students across New Jersey. As of now, we provide the safe transportation services to people in New York, New Jersey, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Jacksonville, FL, and we are hoping to become nationwide when our app launches later this fall.


We ensure that the strategy is seamless and attractive enough to be chosen over driving yourself with your friends. By partnering with the limo companies, we could access the big luxurious vehicles to help attract party goers and have them opt to use our services.


By using people unknowingly prevent instances where they find themselves driving after drinking sessions. We also needed access to the big vehicles that carry a higher capacity to ensure that the friends, families and colleagues that go to parties and events have a sober ride to and from the social or business events in Party Buses, Stretch SUVs, Stretch Sedans, vans, Charter buses and others. Being a charity made Safe Rides Unlimited’s strategic solution possible by making such rides available to people especially those who go out with groups for unbelievably low rates.


You can now understand why it was essential to have Safe Rides Unlimited running as a 501 (c) (3) charity.  If we established ourselves as a for profit company than we would never be able to achieve our goal of providing an affordable and realistic alternative.  Our goal has never been to make money but instead it has been our mission to make safe rides as affordable as possible and as accessible as possible.  We wanted to be actively involved in reducing reckless behaviors on the roads that are fueled by impaired drivers.  To be honest, making the alternative solution to DUI/ DWI fun and safe for the riders’ entire commute and cost effective too seemed the best possible kind of solution there is.

Why Should You Choose Our Services Compared To Other Alternatives?


Plan Your Transportation Aptly

If you have been in a situation one time too many, the only way to avoid a recurrence of these situations is to find a solution. Indisputably, 0ne is able to choose a solution that best suits them when there are several alternatives. Drunk driving is certainly a huge issue and there are several alternatives that can help avoid driving while intoxicated. Drunken driving is the kind of issue that wastes lives of our relatives and loved ones and causes damages in the million.

To avoid getting in a situation that will push you to get on the wheel after having some drinks you need to make transportation plans prior to going for social or corporate functions. It’s rather you leave your vehicle than get in it just to get into a dicey situation later on. To prevent such circumstances offers safe ride services to help you avoid making that singular and life changing mistake. We are a charity organization offering services as a systematic effort to prevent impaired driving.

There are taxis, public transportation as well as other numerous luxurious transportation companies. I can bet that there is no sweeter deal than what Safe Rides Unlimited has to offer. In addition to preventing drunk driving incidents you get a reasonably priced, modern and comfortable ride. Using our services will help you dodge expensive rates of transportations services, perils of using taxi services, and the worry of missing to catch a bus or train.

While still trying to reduce the number of drunk drivers on our roads and minimize the rates of accidents caused by drunk driving, we also aim at providing services that will add fun and memorable moments. We are not running a lucrative business and as a matter of fact we are a charity therefore guaranteeing you the lowest rates in town on the posh vehicles available.

Driving while drunk can cause a daunting situation as it can impact your life in the likes you can never believe such as loss of employment, prevention of employment in certain jobs and serious financial setbacks, and that’s not even the half of it. You also face personal and family embarrassment, conviction on your driving records, and higher insurance rates. So reserve your ride at or call us on 888-656-7233 and we will answer your queries.


Safe Rides Unlimited Logo

Safe Rides Unlimited Logo

Reduce Life’s Many Complications by Avoiding DUI and DWI Arrests

Drunk driving is a serious public health problem as the statistics have shown that drunk driving fatalities are among the leading factors that account for the highest rates of traffic fatalities. Safe Rides Unlimited is offering a viable yet fun solution by providing safe transportation services as an alternative to driving drunk.

The law enforcement agencies make significant efforts to keep highways safe by keeping impaired drivers off the road especially during the weekends and on holidays. They are zeroing in on drunk drivers who cause accidents that lead to wasted lives and painful injuries. Additionally, they crackdown on drunk driving to reduce alcohol-related crashes that costs the taxpayers, federal and local governments billions of dollars in a year.

After a night of fun, the last thing you need is to be pulled over by a traffic officer with a flash light then asked to breathe through a breathalyzer. And after the stop, comes the arrest then prosecution. When you are convicted for a drink driving offense, you will obviously need a DUI/ DWI attorney but remember legal representation don’t come cheap. is here for all your safe rides needs. Book yours today!

We can help reduce untimely death caused by alcohol impairment related accidents. At times word might not be enough and particularly when it a drunk driving issue we need to act. We should all be grateful to the law enforcement agencies as they have zero tolerance limit for those driving drunk whether its adults or those under 21 years of age. Those sobriety check points have helped sharply avoid possible drunken driving crashes. is also helping keep express roads safe by offering safe, sober rides that helps get the drunk drivers off the road. We provide transport at the fairest rates to ensure that you and your bunch of friends, family or colleagues go to an event and return home safely. Call us to reserve a ride and avoid that encounter with law enforcement and traffic officers.

Safe Rides Unlimited Logo

Safe Rides Unlimited Logo

Fight Drunk Driving with All Your Might

Safe Rides Unlimited is among the Non-Profit Organizations that has been fighting drunk driving for years. Now, many people have joined the fight in the aim to reduce traffic fatalities fueled by alcohol impairment that causes invaluable losses to the people’s lives and to the country. And, more and more organizations are being founded by groups of mothers, fathers, bikers, and students among others, and campaigns initiated to discourage and prevent drunken persons from getting behind the wheel.

We all have to make an effort to ensure we are living in a better place and the foremost concern should be our safety. Let your security be the most important thing in your life by refusing to drive while drunk or accept a ride from a drunk driver. is a charity focused on helping prevent the pain and atrocities that come with impaired driving incidents and accidents. You can help save a life or lives when you make that responsible decision and I believe that you would like someone to make a thoughtful decision too when your loved one is involved.

Here is what you can do. If you have an active social life and you are the kind that likes to have fun with friends and going out for a night in the town or going for social drinks during the weekends, we will provide you with sober transportation. If you are hosting a party, recommend a safe ride to ensure your guests get back to their homes safely. Parents and guardians can also ease their worries if they ensure their teenagers make a reservation for a safe ride to help avoid dangerous driving after coming from a party. is the solution to your parting and transportation. Make use of our low-priced exemplary services and prevent penalties for driving under the influence and the loss of your driving privilege and other unbelievable consequences. Life is full of surprises but we can control those preventable situation.

Safe Rides Unlimited Logo

Safe Rides Unlimited Logo

Getting the Best Out of Everything

Safe Rides Unlimited Logo

Safe Rides Unlimited Logo

It makes situations much easier and tolerable if priorities are put in place. In order to avoid a drink driving situation, you also need to ensure that there is a sober ride to take you and your friends or family back home. Practicing self-responsibility and basic safety measures can go a long way preventing the anxiety and worry that makes you sick to the stomach. is offering you the best option you can think of. An alternative to driving impaired that allowing you to party hard and gets you home safely. All you do is make use of our services that gets you sober rides to help prevent you from making a crime that cause irreversible effects. We are a charity and we guarantee the lowest rates for one-ways, hourly and round trips?

Drunk driving is a huge deal whether you end up in a fender bender or with small cuts and injuries, these are incidents and accidents that are utterly preventable. Without being harsh but this are stupid acts and it is kind of selfish to operate a vehicle in such a condition because it can end up in more severe instances where lives are ended or life-changing injuries are incurred. Just place a reservation at Safe Rides Unlimited, it’s a very easy process and you get quotes very fast.

It is possible to get home while driving drunk, but that is just sheer luck and you can’t guarantee that it will always be fine to drive yourself after having a few drinks. If you are the kind that drives after drinks, evaluate the effects caused by drink driving especially those killed in the accidents and the families of the victims. Just imagine you are the one receiving a call that leaves you zoned out requesting you to go identify a family member, friend or colleague after an alcohol-related fatal accident.

When using you can have some adult drinks and avoid drunk driving consequence and also help avoid distracted driving. When you plan to go have fun ensure that your transportation solution is solid and reliable. You do not need to look far, we will give you outstanding services and get you luxurious rides in remarkably low rates.

Drunk and Distracted driving, Long Term Life changers