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Lisa Jason just began her senior year of high school in the fall of 2011. She was a scholarship holder, an excellent chess player and one of those girls everybody wanted to be around.

But on June 2nd, few days before her birthday, fate had something else planned for her. Some of her friends had planned out a party for the night; with her car broken down she was confused as to how to get to her friend’s place. She had heard of many of the transportation services going around and that how easily she could share a ride with some people.

After downloading an app, she made an appointment for a driver to pick her up, with two other people going in the same direction. At 7pm she saw a jet black car rolling into her drive way. It was the driver appointed to her for the night.

Once she got in the car, she could feel the stench of alcohol coming from the driver’s seat.  The driver picked up two other people from around the block and Lisa got along with them well. All of them were now silently discussing that the driver is drunk and what should they do about it.

They were in the midst of their discussion when they suddenly saw the driver pass out, and he stepped on the gas. They tried to wake him up, but it was too late, the car went up to 80 miles an hour where the limit was 30. It ran down a water hydrant and slammed front first in to a pedestrian. The pedestrian, Aaron, 31, died on the spot and Lisa along with the other two passengers quickly jumped out of the car and called 911.

Why Did This Happen?

There are a lot of new transportation services going around. These services work around a simple smart phone application which connects people in need of transportation to unknown drivers. These drivers work as musicians, chefs or other professions by day and to earn a little something extra, they work as uncertified drivers in the night. This heightens the probability that the drivers would be drunk, unskilled and they are more than often, found under influence of drugs.

How To Avoid Getting In To Such A Situation?

At Safe Rides, we don’t rely on a computer algorithm for the safety of our passengers. We believe in giving our passengers a practical approach towards transportation services for parties and other events. As we are a 501 (c) (3) charity organization, we have skilled and trained drivers.

Sharing a ride with unknown people and using the services of unknown drivers have countless risks to them. Especially if you are drunk or the driver is.

If you are going to a party where there is alcohol and you know that driving home isn’t really a good choice, you can book for our safe, fun and affordable services. We have connections with limo companies that have a large number of vehicles, and given the huge volume we carry out our business in, we are able to get limos at highly affordable rates.

If you want to make a booking, call us or simply visit our website

Reality Behind Popular Transportation Services And Why We Are Better!

A number of transportation companies are functioning around a simple smart phone app. This smart phone app is designed to connect people who want transportation services with random drivers who have cars and in return passengers are required to pay a so called hefty ‘compensation’ or ‘donation’ for availing these services.

However, the method around which these services work is controversial. Would you like getting a ride to a party with a driver you barely know or you can trust?

Reality Behind These Transportation Services!

  • Most of the transportation companies currently operating have broken multiple laws a number of times.
  • They have been issued cease and desist orders from the authorities in the past.
  • They work on a complex mobile phone app which functions around connecting you with unknown drivers who aren’t technically employees.
  • They charge a lot! Large sums of money!
  • Most of the drivers don’t really have insurance policies in case of accidents and mishaps!
  • People have been killed in accidents by the drivers of these companies themselves.
  • There have been a number of sexual harassment incidents as well with people using the services of these cars.
  • These companies don’t really hold responsibility if something goes wrong!

How Can You Land In To Trouble?

If you want transportation services to and from a party, would you consider the services of a random driver? What if you were drunk?

  • If you are drunk, an unknown driver would get you in trouble in a lot of ways.
  • As your senses are impaired, you are more prone to getting robbed.
  • Sexual harassment and sexual assault cases are common with such drivers.
  • If the driver lands in to an accident, you will have to face the consequences as well.
  • Sharing a ride isn’t really preferable, especially with unknown and untrustworthy passengers and drivers.
  • You could end up paying a large, unexpected amount of money.

Why Safe Rides?

Opposite to how these controversial companies operate, we operate through website reservations or you can simply give us a call. As we are a charity organization, registered, you can feel safe with us; all our drivers are skilled enough.

Our main aim is to minimize drunken driving incidents and distracted driving incidents; your safety is our priority. Fortunately, we have been able to fulfill that promise and have saved almost 20,000 people from drunken driving.

Opposite to the limited collection of vehicles other services offer, we have connections with above 60 metropolitan limo companies with almost 2500 cars available. We believe in a more practical approach, we are not a group of computer programmers running a company through software applications, neither do we charge extra. In fact, our solid connections with limo companies help us to get really low rates and we pass on that rate to our customers.

We make your experience as fun and entertaining as possible by providing you luxury cars and excellent timely services. Your safety is our priority and we simply can’t hold a computer algorithm responsible for it!

To book an affordable, fun and safe ride, call us now at 888-656-7233 or visit our website

Safe Rides – Our Approach And How You Can Benefit From It!

Why You Shouldn’t Drive Drunk?

Safe Rides – Our Approach And How You Can Benefit From It!It is well-known and observed that alcohol is notorious at impairing your senses, driving while you are drunk can seem really easy but you might be unaware of the risk you and people around you are into.

  • You are more prone to an accident

  • Your motor senses are impaired

  • Visibility is minimized

  • Your reflexes are slowed down substantially

  • Your attention span is shortened

  • You could land in trouble!

All right, so it is clear now that you shouldn’t be driving home while drunk, so is there a practical alternative?

What Are We?

Safe rides is like the Wal-Mart or BJ’s of the transportation industry. Over the years we have revolutionized how this industry worked Safe Rides – Our Approach And How You Can Benefit From It!and changed people’s perspectives. Getting a ride home when you are leaving a party and you are drunk, has never been so easy, luxury and fun!

As we are a 501 (c) (3) charity organization our purpose is to prevent and immensely reduce drunk and distracted driving by providing people with a realistic approach and an attractive offer when going to or coming from bars and events where alcohol is served. We give our customers a VIP treatment, and luxury Safe Rides to make their evening even special.

What Do We Cost You And Why?

The Limo companies we have partnered with over time quote us extremely low rates due the fact we are totally a non-profit charity aimed at road safety. We also do business in a fairly large volume, allowing us to pass the low rates we get, on to you. Compared to other services you can save up to 50% with us. We want people to experience road safety in a cool, fun and luxury way. We tell you to party hard! But be sure to party smart!

Can You Have A Drink In Our Cars?

As we are a charity organization we don’t encourage people to drink in our Limo’s or other vehicles, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, as we are affiliated with club owners, they won’t let you enter if you are drunk heavily. Secondly, our primary aim being stopping drunk driving, our revenues aren’t such that we get our cars cleaned extensively every night.

Safe Rides – Our Approach And How You Can Benefit From It!If you do take all the responsibility and agree that our promise to get your free in to the club won’t apply, then you will be allowed to drink. But incase our vehicles get extraordinarily dirty and someone throws up, you might be charged for the cleaning.

How Far Have We Succeeded In Achieving Our Primary Goals?

It gives us great pleasure to state that we see our goal being accomplished steadily. We played a great role in reducing drunk driving last year. We saved almost 20,000 people from driving while intoxicated and we still continue to save as much as 500 people each week.

Once you opt to go for our services you’ll see yourself we are different from others, all the fun and luxury and costs really low!

He Smashed Into The Car ‘Like A Rocket’

On Christmas morning in 2010, Michelle and Gary Benassi called their daughter, Jenifer to wish her a happy Christmas. This was the first time the Benassi’s and their daughters, Jenifer and Alice weren’t spending Christmas together because Michelle and Gary were spending the holiday with Michelle’s mother in Colorado and their daughters were unable to make the trip.

The Benassi’s had spent Christmas a week earlier with their daughters before they headed out of town for Christmas. Every day they would talk for hours on the phone with their daughters and shared a lot of fun Christmas stories. They laughed and felt like they were there together.

Christmas evening when they were leaving for a relative’s house, they stopped at a traffic light. A 34 year old drunk man was speeding up behind and he realized too late when suddenly he hit the Benassi’s car. He smashed in to the car “like a rocket” – a witness said.

Michelle Benassi died on the scene and Gary Benassi died a few hours later. Michelle’s mother Laura Mc Daniel died later during surgery because of the injuries, Peter Mc Daniel, Michelle’s father survived the crash but serious injuries changed his life.

The man who hit them was 34; he was driving under the influence of alcohol and cocaine. He was not only able to survive the crash but he survived with no injuries and this was not his first time getting arrested for DUI.

He Smashed Into The Car ‘Like A Rocket’Although he was arrested immediately, pretrial went on for a few years and the criminal trial was postponed thrice. He was sentenced to up to 30 years in prison, exactly a week before the trial he plead guilty to the DUI charges and was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 8 years of probation. All this, but still he had destroyed a family.

This is how people’s lives change due the ignorance of one drunk driver. Going through this story and a lot others, we decided to create a practical and safer alternative for people who are drunk and need to get home.

At Safe Rides, we are a 501 (c) (3) charity organization which has come with an excellent solution to drunken driving problems. We know that it is inevitable that something bad might happen when you are driving drunk, in our research we came across many cases which would tear up the coldest hearted people. To avoid these losses of lives and possible injuries we decided to come up with a cheaper and safer alternative for people, through revolutionizing the transportation industry. As we are a charity organization and we do business in fairly large volumes, Limo companies and luxury buses companies provide us with vehicles at really low rates. We pass those rates on to our customers and provide luxury services at a fairly lower price.

He Smashed Into The Car ‘Like A Rocket’The proof is in the numbers itself, our services helped save almost 20,000 people from driving drunk last year. People going to or leaving from parties, re-unions or any place, we were there offering transportation services.

If you need to make an appointment or booking, simply visit our website and we guaranty you safe and fun services at rates you can only imagine! Never drive when you are drunk, instead, call us!

Welcome To Our Reality

Safe Rides Unlimited Logo

After months and months of reading about drunk and distracted driving in the news, and noticing how little general public cares about this until it hits close to home, Safe Rides Unlimited has decided to launch this blog where we can keep our readers up to date on the latest news, laws, and stories from those involved in such tragedies.


It seems the laws are getting more lenient than ever about drunk driving, latest one being the kid who killed 4 innocent people and got off because I’m guessing his parents were connected and somehow the attorneys were able to get the kid of on a defense based on “Affluenza”.  So let me get this straight, if you are a rich kid who is used to having what he or she wants, can go around killing people and not be held responsible cause he wasn’t taught limits by the parents?

Well than in my opinion the parents should be held responsible for not teaching their kid the basic morals and respect of life!  I remember before I started safe rides I lost 2 friends in a drunk driving accident and I was distraught for months, one minute we were planning on meeting at a diner on RT 3 and how we were going to follow each others cars and the next watching them lose control, get in an accident and die.

At that point in my life i decided to leave a lucrative career at my families wall street firm and dedicate my life to reducing drunk driving in a practical way.  I started Safe Rides Unlimited with the goal of making a real difference and not just talking about how its bad.  I came to conclusion that unless people are presented with real Transportation alternatives they have no choice but to drive drunk cause of the way the society is setup, alcohol is a HUGE part of American lifestyle, so just saying dont drive drunk wont solve the problem.  I exposed myself to the tragedies and met with those affected, the one memory i will never forget is meeting with the parents of a young girl not even in her teens.  She was hit by a drunk driver coming back from a football game, crossed over to the wrong side of the road and hit that innocent girl, putting her in a wheel chair for life, she couldn’t even breathe on her own or feed herself.  I will never forget that image cause even as a tough guy i couldn’t help but tear up.  The accident was over in seconds but the rest of her life, her families life was changed forever.  The worst part is when something like this happens people get real worked up and offer help initially but than forget about it and move on with their own lives.  who is to help the victims on the long term?

The point I’m making is the effects of drunk driving are not limited to the accident.  it ruins families, think about your child that you raised from birth and is your everything getting hit by a drunk driver.  i know my life would be destroyed and i would never be able to come out of the depression for a second time.

I encourage everyone to come share their stories with us so we can make them available to the masses and hopefully causing some change and making a difference in reducing drunk and distracted driving.


Drunk and Distracted driving, Long Term Life changers