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Be Careful Of Unsafe, Uninsured Vehicles and hidden Fees

There are a number of popular services in the transportation industry such as Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. These services, introduced not too long ago, are doing their best to rip people off. The worst part is that they aren’t really held responsible in case of a mishap or any accident. Here are some ways these companies are failing to protect their customers:

You Don’t Even Know The Driver

When an Uber/Lyft driver picks you and a couple of other people up who want to head in the same direction, you neither know the driver nor the other passengers. Think of the risks, first of all you are being transported by a driver who has a different profession during the day and he isn’t technically an employee of the company. You just met the driver and the other passengers through a simple smart phone app and are now exposed to a number of possible threats.

You Don’t Even Know If The Driver Is Insured

One of the biggest drawbacks of these companies is that their drivers do not have proper insurance required to transport passengers around. This shows how easy going these companies are; if they don’t even keep a check on their driver’s insurance, they most certainly don’t do background checks on the drivers. This means the driver could be anyone, even a criminal by day and a driver by night.

How Many Transportation Companies Are Ripping People Off!Customer Support Is Absent

Another huge drawback to such companies is the lack of customer support. If you are travelling and you face problems like time delays or you feel the car doesn’t come up to the hygienic standards, you have no one to complain to!

In worst case scenarios where customers experienced drunk or aggressive drivers, they didn’t have a company phone number to call and report the driver. These companies are merely phone applications and regard themselves as third parties between the drivers and the passengers. There is no accountability, and the drivers know that they are not answerable to the company.

Hidden Charges

Controversy lingers through all the operations of these companies. Another shady aspect is they surge their prices on holidays, if weather is bad or during rush hours. This shows if someone needs a ride during bad weather or traffic, they take advantage of the situation and surge their prices. These ride sharing companies claim that they don’t charge tips at all. According to our analyses and comparisons, they charge a lot.

Now when they are actually not holding responsibility for being the core of these operations, the strange thing is that all payments are processed through these companies and they pay the drivers after making deductions. Added to that, the drivers ask you for a tip in hard cash as well.

Our Services

How Many Transportation Companies Are Ripping People Off!Compared to these services like Uber, Lyft or Sidecar, if you opt to go for Safe Rides, you would experience yourself what travelling with a registered, well reputed transportation service feels like. First of all, we don’t increase our prices in any condition; we are a non-profit organization and  making money is not our primary objective. As a matter of fact, during busy hours and holidays unlike all other ride sharing companies, we decrease our prices so that more people can benefit from our services and help us make roads safer.

SafeRides.org is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization and our primary aim has always been to offer people the lowest rate possible in fully licensed, insured and State inspected vehicles driven by State vetted professional drivers ; making sure our customers are fully covered in case of any mishap or accident.  We stands behind every ride booked through the website SafeRides.org. We provide top notch customer support and seamless coordination with our customers. Holding a computer software application responsible for mishaps and accidents is not our deal, we are legit.

When travelling with us you don’t have to worry about your safety, we guarantee it without comprising on quality.

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