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A Friends Experience

I bumped into my friend Moe from college the other day and shared a story that I would like to give my conclusion to.

Sometimes things happen that make you see life from a whole different perspective, this is called an epiphany. I remember my friend Moe had someone close gone from a drunk-driving related accident. It left him with 2 reactions; understand and move on; or understand and do something about it. He decided that the unfairness of the occurred could be prevented if given a feasible option.

He worked hard in the beginning developing a way to make it work. First, he drove a van around himself and took people back and forth from the college to the bars/clubs for about 2 years. Then, he partnered up with some transportation companies at a low cost which he paid to cover more ground. It wasn’t easy, he had to coordinate by faxing, calling, confirming, re-confirming, etc. just to execute each ride. Later on, an IT guy (Andre) took notice of his efforts and decided to help facilitate the process. To be able to ride in such fancy way, at which sometimes he upgrades you to a nicer bigger vehicle, can only enhance the service and maintain the organization alive.

Along with the creation of this great process he has also brought out the egotistic character that some carry when a fancy ride is not upgraded. It’s amazing how such a simple gesture back-fired against a person trying to do a good thing. Although my friend has always moved forward no matter the set-back, he’s only human and the negative few still get to him. He has created a great option along with a process that many of us are taking for granted.

You know, we all get one lifetime to make a difference. Many of us will go finding that it is hard just taking care of yourself so we need to keep pushing those making a bigger difference than us forward so we can live in a better place. Use Saferides, it was created by someone who believes we can all have fun, be responsible and put an end to drunk-driving statistics.
Why Safe Rides Are So Affordable

So what’s up with these limousine companies? Why do they charge so much? How can Saferides.org do this?
Times are changing and Saferides.org has created a volume generating, tax deductible and all involved beneficial way to make it work.

If you want to enjoy yourself but looking to get the best deal in transportation, there’s no need to look…the best deal is already here! There’s no shopping around seeing if you can even match this organizations rates. There’s no company that will ever match the model this non-profit has created. It is real and here to stay for our benefit.

I’m going to admit, I was a little skeptical at first like many were. I checked around and got some prices first so when I saw this big discount the first thought in my mind was , these limo rides must be crappy. Come to find out they use companies who really focus on their reputation. Nothing is second-hand with Saferides.org and that was impressive. Affordable top of the line vehicles in the name of safety…I can get with that.

Remember guys, nothing compares to the service this organization brings. Beats any pricing, ride in fancy wheels and without thinking…saving a life, “your own life”. Doing the right thing made easy, use this organization and you won’t regret it!

Alex V