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Be Careful Of Unsafe, Uninsured Vehicles and hidden Fees

There are a number of popular services in the transportation industry such as Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. These services, introduced not too long ago, are doing their best to rip people off. The worst part is that they aren’t really held responsible in case of a mishap or any accident. Here are some ways these companies are failing to protect their customers:

You Don’t Even Know The Driver

When an Uber/Lyft driver picks you and a couple of other people up who want to head in the same direction, you neither know the driver nor the other passengers. Think of the risks, first of all you are being transported by a driver who has a different profession during the day and he isn’t technically an employee of the company. You just met the driver and the other passengers through a simple smart phone app and are now exposed to a number of possible threats.

You Don’t Even Know If The Driver Is Insured

One of the biggest drawbacks of these companies is that their drivers do not have proper insurance required to transport passengers around. This shows how easy going these companies are; if they don’t even keep a check on their driver’s insurance, they most certainly don’t do background checks on the drivers. This means the driver could be anyone, even a criminal by day and a driver by night.

How Many Transportation Companies Are Ripping People Off!Customer Support Is Absent

Another huge drawback to such companies is the lack of customer support. If you are travelling and you face problems like time delays or you feel the car doesn’t come up to the hygienic standards, you have no one to complain to!

In worst case scenarios where customers experienced drunk or aggressive drivers, they didn’t have a company phone number to call and report the driver. These companies are merely phone applications and regard themselves as third parties between the drivers and the passengers. There is no accountability, and the drivers know that they are not answerable to the company.

Hidden Charges

Controversy lingers through all the operations of these companies. Another shady aspect is they surge their prices on holidays, if weather is bad or during rush hours. This shows if someone needs a ride during bad weather or traffic, they take advantage of the situation and surge their prices. These ride sharing companies claim that they don’t charge tips at all. According to our analyses and comparisons, they charge a lot.

Now when they are actually not holding responsibility for being the core of these operations, the strange thing is that all payments are processed through these companies and they pay the drivers after making deductions. Added to that, the drivers ask you for a tip in hard cash as well.

Our Services

How Many Transportation Companies Are Ripping People Off!Compared to these services like Uber, Lyft or Sidecar, if you opt to go for Safe Rides, you would experience yourself what travelling with a registered, well reputed transportation service feels like. First of all, we don’t increase our prices in any condition; we are a non-profit organization and  making money is not our primary objective. As a matter of fact, during busy hours and holidays unlike all other ride sharing companies, we decrease our prices so that more people can benefit from our services and help us make roads safer.

SafeRides.org is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization and our primary aim has always been to offer people the lowest rate possible in fully licensed, insured and State inspected vehicles driven by State vetted professional drivers ; making sure our customers are fully covered in case of any mishap or accident.  We stands behind every ride booked through the website SafeRides.org. We provide top notch customer support and seamless coordination with our customers. Holding a computer software application responsible for mishaps and accidents is not our deal, we are legit.

When travelling with us you don’t have to worry about your safety, we guarantee it without comprising on quality.

Visit our website SafeRides.org or call us at 888-656-7233 for more information.

A Safe Ride is a must when you have been drinking

This is how drunk driving could end up becoming a nightmare.

For instance; you are at the bar, just in the mood to have a couple of good celebratory beers. You look around and everyone is drinking too. You’re getting a little tipsy and you’re thinking “That’s right man, I am not going to stop drinking!” After chugging down another few beers, you end up all quiet and silent thinking exactly how on earth you are going to drive home. Everything seems to be moving fast and you can barely walk. Your friends tell you to stay, but you are adamant on driving home yourself in your own vehicle.

Now is the part where you drive. You back up and BAAAAM! There goes the head light of the car parked behind you. You panic and start speeding down the block. You keep thinking just to stay awake and all of a sudden out of nowhere you see a car heading for you, you forgot to turn the headlights on and before you can do anything, you slam into the on coming vehicle. You panic even more and start speeding, there are cops on your tail and there comes a point where you get caught. And now you are officially a drunk driver!

How To Avoid This?

We understand and know the psychological effects behind drunk driving. Alcohol is notorious to impair your senses and your motor skills. When people do tell you to take a cab/ride when you are intoxicated, you tend to be aggressive and because your senses are impaired you feel like you can do absolutely anything.

We realized that the rising toll in drunk driving incidents needed to be taken care of and it would have been possible earlier if someone created a more realistic approach. It is not just about preventing bad things from happening; it is about preventing the worst. In the United States, there are countless people dying or even getting handicapped for life due to drunk driving, the sad part is a lot of them are children seated next to drunk parents or in other car involved in the accident.

At SafeRides.org we work tirelessly to solve this problem of drunk or distracted driving and to make our service an attractive, fun, convenient and  affordable option for our customers rather than driving home themselves when they are drunk. Our framework allows us to make luxury cars available at cheap rates so that you don’t have to take a bus or train in your condition; instead have a designated professional driver to drive you and your friends home safely in a fully-licensed and State inspected Sedan, Van, Limo, SUV or Party Bus.

Saferides.org is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and we have been in the transportation business for over 15 years. SafeRides is a socio-economical organization which is not only providing low cost luxury vehicles ranging from Sedan, Van, Suv, Party buses, Mini Buses and even Shuttle buses to general public but also generating jobs for limousine industry. We offer a large volume of jobs to local limousine companies and negotiate a discounted rate for the vehicles that one would pay double the price if booked directly from a limo company. SafeRides passes these low rates directly on to their customers in order to encourage them to avoid driving drunk or distracted and have a good time in a luxurious safe ride when out with their friends and family. 

SafeRides.org website is extremely user friendly and gives you options to book round trip, hourly or one way in a vehicle of your own choice accommodating up to 55 people. We are so proud that by using SafeRides.org every week over 1000 people take advantage of our low rates and save tons of money.

Solutions To Getting Home When You Are Drunk

If you are planning on going out with friends and family and  would like us to pick you up from the party, all you need to do is call us at 888-656-7233 or simply visit our website www.Saferides.org for instant free quotes and bookings!

Reality Behind Popular Transportation Services And Why We Are Better!

A number of transportation companies are functioning around a simple smart phone app. This smart phone app is designed to connect people who want transportation services with random drivers who have cars and in return passengers are required to pay a so called hefty ‘compensation’ or ‘donation’ for availing these services.

However, the method around which these services work is controversial. Would you like getting a ride to a party with a driver you barely know or you can trust?

Reality Behind These Transportation Services!

  • Most of the transportation companies currently operating have broken multiple laws a number of times.
  • They have been issued cease and desist orders from the authorities in the past.
  • They work on a complex mobile phone app which functions around connecting you with unknown drivers who aren’t technically employees.
  • They charge a lot! Large sums of money!
  • Most of the drivers don’t really have insurance policies in case of accidents and mishaps!
  • People have been killed in accidents by the drivers of these companies themselves.
  • There have been a number of sexual harassment incidents as well with people using the services of these cars.
  • These companies don’t really hold responsibility if something goes wrong!

How Can You Land In To Trouble?

If you want transportation services to and from a party, would you consider the services of a random driver? What if you were drunk?

  • If you are drunk, an unknown driver would get you in trouble in a lot of ways.
  • As your senses are impaired, you are more prone to getting robbed.
  • Sexual harassment and sexual assault cases are common with such drivers.
  • If the driver lands in to an accident, you will have to face the consequences as well.
  • Sharing a ride isn’t really preferable, especially with unknown and untrustworthy passengers and drivers.
  • You could end up paying a large, unexpected amount of money.

Why Safe Rides?

Opposite to how these controversial companies operate, we operate through website reservations or you can simply give us a call. As we are a charity organization, registered, you can feel safe with us; all our drivers are skilled enough.

Our main aim is to minimize drunken driving incidents and distracted driving incidents; your safety is our priority. Fortunately, we have been able to fulfill that promise and have saved almost 20,000 people from drunken driving.

Opposite to the limited collection of vehicles other services offer, we have connections with above 60 metropolitan limo companies with almost 2500 cars available. We believe in a more practical approach, we are not a group of computer programmers running a company through software applications, neither do we charge extra. In fact, our solid connections with limo companies help us to get really low rates and we pass on that rate to our customers.

We make your experience as fun and entertaining as possible by providing you luxury cars and excellent timely services. Your safety is our priority and we simply can’t hold a computer algorithm responsible for it!

To book an affordable, fun and safe ride, call us now at 888-656-7233 or visit our website www.saferides.org.

He Smashed Into The Car ‘Like A Rocket’

On Christmas morning in 2010, Michelle and Gary Benassi called their daughter, Jenifer to wish her a happy Christmas. This was the first time the Benassi’s and their daughters, Jenifer and Alice weren’t spending Christmas together because Michelle and Gary were spending the holiday with Michelle’s mother in Colorado and their daughters were unable to make the trip.

The Benassi’s had spent Christmas a week earlier with their daughters before they headed out of town for Christmas. Every day they would talk for hours on the phone with their daughters and shared a lot of fun Christmas stories. They laughed and felt like they were there together.

Christmas evening when they were leaving for a relative’s house, they stopped at a traffic light. A 34 year old drunk man was speeding up behind and he realized too late when suddenly he hit the Benassi’s car. He smashed in to the car “like a rocket” – a witness said.

Michelle Benassi died on the scene and Gary Benassi died a few hours later. Michelle’s mother Laura Mc Daniel died later during surgery because of the injuries, Peter Mc Daniel, Michelle’s father survived the crash but serious injuries changed his life.

The man who hit them was 34; he was driving under the influence of alcohol and cocaine. He was not only able to survive the crash but he survived with no injuries and this was not his first time getting arrested for DUI.

He Smashed Into The Car ‘Like A Rocket’Although he was arrested immediately, pretrial went on for a few years and the criminal trial was postponed thrice. He was sentenced to up to 30 years in prison, exactly a week before the trial he plead guilty to the DUI charges and was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 8 years of probation. All this, but still he had destroyed a family.

This is how people’s lives change due the ignorance of one drunk driver. Going through this story and a lot others, we decided to create a practical and safer alternative for people who are drunk and need to get home.

At Safe Rides, we are a 501 (c) (3) charity organization which has come with an excellent solution to drunken driving problems. We know that it is inevitable that something bad might happen when you are driving drunk, in our research we came across many cases which would tear up the coldest hearted people. To avoid these losses of lives and possible injuries we decided to come up with a cheaper and safer alternative for people, through revolutionizing the transportation industry. As we are a charity organization and we do business in fairly large volumes, Limo companies and luxury buses companies provide us with vehicles at really low rates. We pass those rates on to our customers and provide luxury services at a fairly lower price.

He Smashed Into The Car ‘Like A Rocket’The proof is in the numbers itself, our services helped save almost 20,000 people from driving drunk last year. People going to or leaving from parties, re-unions or any place, we were there offering transportation services.

If you need to make an appointment or booking, simply visit our website www.Saferides.org and we guaranty you safe and fun services at rates you can only imagine! Never drive when you are drunk, instead, call us!